Dr Philip Hands

Dr Philip Hands (Lecturer and Chancellors Fellow)
University of Edinburgh

School of Engineering
Telephone: +44 131 6507473
Email: philip.hands@ed.ac.uk

Philip is a Chancellor’s Fellow and Lecturer at the School of Engineering, University of Edinburgh.

He has expertise in electronic and photonic materials, in particular the fabrication of liquid crystal devices and their applications in adaptive photonic technologies. His work is frequently interdisciplinary, often working closely with physicists, chemists, and biomedical researchers. He is also interested in technology commercialisation, and works with multiple industry partners on a number of applications-focussed technology projects.

Healthcare and Medicine

Philip is developing medical and healthcare-related applications in several areas of his research, using both photonic and non-photonic approaches:

  • The development of new low-cost, bespoke and tuneable coherent light sources, using liquid crystal technology. Enabling new modes of biomedical imaging and microscopy.
  • The development of printable and disposable oligonucleotide composite biosensors, for point-of-care medical diagnostics.