SU2P Pilot Projects

SU2P is now offering an open call for Pilot Projects with applications accepted at any time.

Full details of the call, and your local contacts to discuss ideas with are here.

The simple application form is here.

These projects will be pilot or proof of feasibility exercises that have a clear potential for commercial exploitation, based on objective assessment of IP status and market analysis.

It is envisaged that the work will build on existing research programmes and infrastructure. They will each involve a UK and a US partner (and ideally with a member of the SU2P Industrial Partnership Programme) and could be located in any of the participating laboratories.

SU2P Funded Pilot Projects

  • The first pilot project was at the University of St Andrews with Stanford University.
  • The second pilot project is at the Institute of Photonics with Stanford University.

Case Studies

Dr Erdan Gu, University of Strathclyde

Professor Malcolm Dunn, University of St Andrews