SU2P Staff Exchanges

SU2P is offering an open call for Staff Exchanges with applications accepted at any time.

The Staff Exchanges are to enable researchers, either singly or in combination, to spend time in a trans-Atlantic partner institution.

The total duration of the exchange is expected to be between one and six months. This can be a single exchange by a single researcher, or a portfolio of exchanges by up to 3 researchers (which can include bi-directional visits).

To avoid unnecessary effort in preparing fruitless applications, please note that the Staff Exchanges programme will NOT fund short term travel to, for example, conferences, meetings, etc.

Full details of the call, including local contacts with whom you can discuss your ideas, are here.

The simple application form is here.

This programme is open to any researcher (PDRA or academic staff) employed by the partner institutions (or researchers with SU2PIndustrial Partners) wishing to work at Stanford or Caltech for a period of up to six months.

Stanford/Caltech researchers will be able to work at one of the UK partner institutions on a reciprocal basis.

The purpose of these exploratory exchanges will be to develop joint activities that will have the potential for an eventual commercial outcome.

Case Studies

Thorsten Ackemann

Tomas Cizmar

Andrew Moore

Frank Gunn-Moore/Maciej Antkowiak

Konstantin Vodopyanov/Alireza Marandi