Riccardo Bassiri


  1. 05/2012 - Gravitational Wave Advanced Detector Workshop, Waikoloa, Hawaii, USA, invited talk - ‘Investigating coating material properties for future generations of gravitational wave detectors’
  2. 04/2012 - Spectra Physics, Santa Clara, California, USA, invited seminar - ‘Correlating the atomic structure and properties of amorphous mirror coatings’
  3. 12/2011 - MLD Technologies, Eugene, Oregon, USA, invited seminar - ‘Ta2O5 coatings: Understanding them at the atomic level’
  4. 07/2011 - International Conference on Internal Friction and Mechanical Spectroscopy, contributed talk - ‘Investigating the link between the atomic structure and chemistry of Ta2O5 coatings and their mechanical losses’


(where significant portion of research was conducted during my fellowship)

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